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Clean 9 set with Lite Ultra Chocolate



Code: 629

Clean 9 is the first step to establishing habits that will help you reach your desired weight and maintain it. This simple yet effective body cleansing program includes all the tools you need to start your transformation today. First, your body begins to expel toxins that have accumulated in the body, which can prevent the maximum absorption of the nutrients contained in the meal. In addition, the feeling of well-being becomes lighter and more energetic. You will prove to yourself that you can control your appetite and you will notice how your body will change: you will look better and feel better. Clean 9 is the foundation of the FIT program. This is the place to start if you want to be healthy and enjoy a slimmer body.


Download the brochure: Forever_C9_leaflet

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The set Clean 9  consists of:

•    Aloe-cranberry juice (two 1 liter bottles)
Forever Lite Ultra Chocolate® cocktail (1 pack)
Forever Therm™ (18 tablets)
•    Forever Fiber™ (9 packs)
Forever Garcinia Plus® (54 capsules)
•    tape measure, cocktail mixer
•    voldik Clean 9

Clean 9 Kit with Lite Ultra Chocolate/Aloe Cranberry Juice

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