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Innovative skin care system

NEW! Anti-aging skin care kit. Infinite's new peptide skin care system kit includes 4 products:

In creating Infinite by Forever, our specialists have used peptides, natural minerals,

herbal extracts, desert plants and the latest scientific discoveries in skin care that not only complement aloe vera, but actually increase its effectiveness and help to better express its beneficial properties.These products complement each other to provide a highly effective skin care that helps reduce wrinkles, smoothes the skin, nourishes it on the inside and makes it more beautiful on the outside. With Infinite by Forever, the difference is both visible and noticeable. Moisturizing cleanser

To use: Cleanse face & neck twice a day (morning & evening).

Skin tightening complex

Usage: take two tablets in the morning.

Firming serum

To use: Apply twice daily (morning & evening) to cleansed face & neck.

Restorative cream

To use: Apply to skin twice daily (morning & evening) after firming serum infinite.

The total price of the set is 160.95 €.

The products are also available individually.

Product code: 553

Infinite By Forever - Skincare Set

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