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Sonya daily skin care series

If you noticed the word "gel" in the name of the products, it is because we have created a series of synergistic skin care products, where all products are made using innovative gel technology that allows aloe, moisturizers and plant extracts (which are especially abundant in this series) to reach the skin. Restore a beautiful complexion with this richly moisturizing skin care kit.

- Innovative gel technology

- Plenty of aloe and other plant extracts

- For combination skin

- Gentle enough for any age

Sonya Daily Skincare Series includes:

- Refreshing gel cleanser

- bright gel

- regenerating gel mask

- moisturizing cream

Here are some of the benefits of these useful products (for more information on the composition and valuable ingredients of each, see the product description):

- The refreshing gel cleanser contains apple amino acids so that the resulting gentle foam does not dry out the skin.

- Brightening gel makes the skin beautiful and bright.

- Restorative gel mask is a night mask that works when you sleep. It regulates sebum secretion, moisturizes and creates a fresh complexion.

- Moisturizing cream contains more than 10 plant extracts and oils and collagen, which fill the skin with moisture.

For best results, use all Sonya daily skin care products. Designed specifically for combination skin (which can be very unbalanced and uneven), the universal range regulates sebum secretion and provides moisture to the skin where it is needed most.

Product code: 609

Sonya Daily Skin Care

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