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Sonya bright gel

- Smoothes the skin complexion

- Gives skin radiance

- Shrinks pores

Licorice-root root and a unique complex of green and kelp align the skin's complexion and brighten the pigment spots with age. The algal complex is enriched with liposomes so that the beneficial substances reach the skin where it is needed. We also use red clover flower extract to help narrow pores.

Another reason why this gel is not similar to other products of the same type on the market is the unique combination of five plant extracts from Asia: Baikal Tit Grass Root Extract, Licorice-Sweet Root Root Extract, White Mulberry Root Extract, Puju Flower Extract and Yarrow Fruit Extract. These oriental plants harmonize skin tone and add radiance.

The result is even enviable - softer, smoother and healthier skin. To reduce sebum secretion and moisturize the skin where it is needed most, use the gel with other Sonya daily skin care products.

USAGE: Cleanse the face and massage a small amount of the product gently on the skin to make the skin radiant. For best results, use it with a refreshing gel cleanser, restorative gel mask or moisturizer. Wash off thoroughly in the morning to make your skin look fresh. For best results, use at least 2-3 times a week.

Product code: 606

Sonya Shine Gel

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