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- Relieves swelling and dark circles.
- Significantly reduces wrinkles.
- Eyes look brighter, more vibrant and better rested.
The refreshing eye cream contains patented ingredients - peptides that smooth and soften sensitive skin around the eyes, significantly reducing the formation of wrinkles and dark circles.
The special low-molecular-weight collagen helps keep the collagen state normal so that the skin is tight and properly moisturized. When there is enough collagen, the skin around the eyes is softer, smoother and more tight.
Butylene glycol, one of our many unique ingredients, has been found to reduce swelling and dark spots around the eyes in just 15 days.
Another very innovative ingredient is Lenkoran Silk Cacia Bark Extract with Darutoside Complex. This is one of the first components of its kind that can lift a loose upper eyelid. Thanks to this ingredient, we can take care of both the upper table and the sensitive skin around the eyes to make the eyes look more beautiful. The refreshing eye cream also tightens the surface of the skin, making wrinkles less noticeable in the corners of the eyes, and
strengthens small blood vessels to make the under-eye eyes brighter. Dry and swollen skin looks more beautiful and the eyes are brighter, more vibrant and better rested, because the skin's protective barrier is stronger and moisture stays in the skin more effectively.
All of these highly effective ingredients make the cream one of the most innovative eye products that lets your beauty shine. Use the power of the refreshing eye cream and enjoy a youthfully bright look.
The positive effects can be seen very quickly!

TO USE: Gently apply a small amount of cream over and around the eyes with your finger.

Product code: 561

Refreshing Eye Cream

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