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Aloe cranberry juice
Fresh cranberry and sweet apple turn our all-valued aloe juice into a special-tasting drink that helps maintain digestion and provides the body with a variety of vitamins and phytonutrients. We are not exaggerating when we say that aloe vera juice contains a lot of our aloes. It contains 90.7% stabilized aloe vera leaf gel and natural juice concentrate to help keep the immune system strong and energy levels natural. Aloe is a natural cleanser, thanks to which it helps the digestive tract to absorb nutrients better from the food it eats (they get into the bloodstream from the digestive organs) and promotes the growth of beneficial bacteria. The unique polysaccharide acemannan and other nutrients found in aloe help keep the immune system strong. Cranberry and sweet apple give the juice a refreshing, spicy taste. The antioxidant properties of cranberries are 20 times stronger than those of vitamin C. In addition, cranberries contain proanthocyanidins, which together with vitamin C help to maintain the urinary tract. Apples contain a special phytonutrient quercetin - another effective antioxidant to make aloe vera juice even healthier and tastier. Aloe vera juice is processed aseptically (allowing it to be produced without preservatives) and bottled in tetrapackage made from 100% recyclable materials so that you can enjoy fresh, undiluted aloe vera gel that has retained its valuable properties as nature has created it.

COMPOSITION: stabilized aloe leaf gel (90.7% aloe leaf gel, ascorbic acid, citric acid), natural apple juice concentrate (4%), fructose, natural cranberry juice concentrate (2%).
QUANTITY: 1 liter

USAGE: The daily dose is 30-60 ml. Shake well before use. After opening, store in a refrigerator in an upright position. Use it in 30 days.
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Aloe cranberry juice

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