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It's not in vain to say "sweet as a peach" - everyone likes the taste of peaches cooked in the sun! Improve digestion and enjoy juicy peaches and aloe vera. Aloe is a natural cleanser, thanks to which it helps the digestive tract to absorb nutrients better from the food it eats (they get into the bloodstream from the digestive organs) and promotes the growth of beneficial bacteria. The unique polysaccharide acemannan and other nutrients found in aloe help keep the immune system strong. The product, made from 84.5% stabilized aloe vera leaf gel and juicy calcium peach puree, has a unique sweet taste. It supplies the body with valuable substances derived from aloe. Aloe peach juice is processed aseptically (allowing it to be produced without preservatives) and bottled in tetrapackage made from 100% recyclable materials, so you can enjoy fresh, undiluted aloe vera gel that has retained its valuable properties as nature has created it. This refreshing drink with natural peach puree is liked by children and adults alike, because it gives pleasure to the excellent peach taste as well as the great feeling!

INGREDIENTS:: stabilized aloe vera leaf gel (84.5% aloe vera leaf gel, ascorbic acid, citric acid), natural peach puree (8%), fructose, natural green grape juice concentrate, natural peach flavor.

QUANTITY: 1 liter

USAGE: Shake. Drink 30-60 ml every day. For a month.

Product code: 77

Aloe-peach juice

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