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Aloe body lotion is an amazing daily moisturizer that softens and moisturizes the skin and creates a healthy complexion. This lightweight body lotion absorbs quickly, allowing real aloe and other moisturizing ingredients to reach the skin immediately.

236 m


Aloe Body Lotion is the perfect moisturizer to use every day to soften, smooth and moisturize your skin.

Body milk with aloe is perfect for dry and mature skin because it contains macadamia oil.  The latter contains a lot of palmitoleic acid, which helps maintain a healthy skin complexion. But this product isn't just for people with dry and mature skin - Forever has developed this silicone-free body lotion for everyone with normal or dry skin. The product is enriched with sodium hyaluronate, which forms a protective barrier in the skin and helps retain moisture in the skin. Body lotion with aloe has a nice light floral fragrance that many people like.



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Aloe Body Milk

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