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Can you feel better and look nicer in just 9 days? Clean 9 can be the first step towards a slimmer and healthier body. This simple yet effective program includes all the tools you need to get started today! What to expect in the next 9 days? You will start to look better, feel better and start excreting toxins that have accumulated in the body, which can prevent the maximum absorption of nutrients from food. In addition, you feel lighter and more energetic. You prove to yourself that you can control your appetite and notice how your body is starting to change.

Changing your lifestyle is not easy, but many valuable things are not easy to achieve. The Clean 9 program is the first step to forever introducing habits that will help you achieve and maintain the desired weight. This is the foundation of the Forever FIT program. This cleansing program is a great start if you want to be healthy, cleanse your body and enjoy a slimmer body. Lay the foundation for a better look and feel.

The "Clean 9" set includes:

• Aloe juice - 2 pcs

• Forever Lite-Ultra vanilla flavored - 1 pc (15 servings)

• Forever Therm (18 tablets)

• Forever Fiber (9 servings)

• Forever Garcinia Plus (54 capsules)

• Measuring tape

• “Clean 9” brochure

• Cocktail shaker

Product code: 547

Clean 9 set with Lite Ultra Vanilla

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