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L-Arginine and vitamin complex

A new generation food supplement that contains 5g of L-Arginine per serving (pack) and synergistic vitamins that give the body momentum and energy for a long day and improve the general condition of the body.

Just one packet of ARGI + mixed with 250ml of water or your favorite aloe juice or other drink will make you feel better.

What is ARGI +?

It is a food supplement consisting of L-arginine and a vitamin complex. L-arginine is an amino acid needed for comprehensive health support. The human body converts L-arginine into a nitric oxide molecule, which helps the blood vessels to relax and dilate so that the blood can flow better. A better blood supply enhances many important functions, helps keep blood pressure correct and keeps the cardiovascular system healthy.
The ARGI + formula allows the body to benefit from all the benefits of L-arginine. In addition, it is enriched with pomegranate known for its antioxidant properties, red wine extract that maintains normal cholesterol, and grapes that keep the heart's blood vessels and immune system healthy. Other berry and fruit juices in ARGI + help neutralize free radicals, support healthy development and bone and muscle function.

To sum up all that is known about the effects of L-arginine and nitric oxide, what are the benefits of taking ARGI +

10. Stimulates the action of anti-aging hormones. Who would want to look older than he really is?
9. Improves the effect of insulin, which helps to keep blood glucose levels at the right level.
8. Red wine extract helps keep blood cholesterol levels normal.
7. Pomegranate and berries contain many anti-oxidants that are useful in counteracting the harmful effects of free radicals.
6. Increases muscle mass and strength, reduces fat. An excellent advantage for sports enthusiasts and women.
5. Nitric oxide increases vascular capacity and can improve sexual function.
4. Stimulates bone and tissue growth and recovery, making it especially suitable after fractures and soft tissue injuries.
3. Helps maintain proper blood pressure and a healthy cardiovascular system.
2. Nitric oxide supports the immune system, destroys bacteria, viruses and other foreign bodies.
1. ARGI + is a great food supplement that strengthens many systems of the body, allowing our body to function in an optimal mode.

The product is on the Cologne List

This means that athletes can consume the products on this list without risking a positive doping test. However, the athletes take responsibility and decide whether these products are suitable for them.

30 sachets

Code: 437

Forever Argi +

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