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Each pack of Forever Fiber contains 5 g of fiber, which enriches a healthy dining table. Nutritionists recommend consuming up to 30 g of fiber every day to ensure a healthy and functioning digestive system. Unfortunately, most people consume only about half of that amount. We eat plenty of processed foods, which means we don't get as much fiber as a normal body needs. Forever Fiber ™ contains a patented complex of four types of fiber, so when you use it, you can easily enrich your diet with fiber. Sprinkle it on food, mix it with aloe juice, another drink or just water (you can take it with a bottle). Although fiber is often associated with a well-functioning digestive tract for us (and rightly so), it is very beneficial to the whole body. If you take Forever Fiber vahel between meals, your stomach will not go away as quickly, making it easier to control your appetite, avoid seizures and eat fewer calories. This is especially important for those who are trying to lose weight (when supplementing with a healthy diet and regular exercise). Fiber can also help keep blood sugar levels normal (if it has been normal before) and slow down the absorption of macro-nutrients from food, which may not cause drowsiness or weakness after eating. Studies show that fiber also has a good effect on cardiovascular function. Researchers today acknowledge that up to 70% of the immune system depends on the digestive tract, so fiber can also have a beneficial effect on the immune system by strengthening digestion. When the body gets enough fiber, it can make it easier to remove unnecessary substances from the body and relieve the symptoms of constipation that sometimes occur. With Forever Fiber ™, it is very easy to enrich your diet with fiber - each pack contains 5 g of soluble fiber. This is almost equal to 1½ glass of brown rice or 2 slices of whole grain bread, only without carbohydrates and calories! Forever Fiber is a convenient way to consume more fiber every day and take care of your health.

QUANTITY: 30 packs.

RECOMMENDED CONSUMPTION: Mix a packet of Forever Fiber ™ daily with water, aloe juice or another beverage. For optimal results, sprinkle a packet of the food supplement on the glass, add your favorite drink and mix well. Can also be sprinkled on food. It is recommended that Forever Fiber ™ be taken at least 30 minutes apart from other supplements, as fiber may affect their absorption.

Product code: 464

Forever Fiber

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