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Forever Lite Ultra with amino protein is a great addition to your healthy lifestyle. This nutrient cocktail combines a new understanding of nutrition and the latest technologies. Forever Lite Ultra helps you develop good eating habits and a healthy lifestyle.

Two servings of Forever Lite Ultra cocktail made with low-fat milk a day provides 100% of the recommended daily amount of vitamins and minerals. Forever Lite Ultra contains 18 amino acids, including primary and branched chain amino acids. The aminotein in the cocktail accelerates the breakdown of proteins and enhances the uptake of amino acids.

Forever Lite Ultra is an integral part of the Clean 9 weight loss program. This cocktail and Clean 9 help you take care of your health and create an effective optimal weight maintenance program.

USAGE: Mix one measuring spoonful of powder (use the supplied 25 g spoon) with 300 ml of skim milk. Shake the jar before each use.

The product is listed in Cologne. The Cologne list includes products that athletes can consume without risking a positive doping test. This allows athletes to use Forever products without worrying about a doping test.

Product code: 471

Forever Lite Ultra - chocolate flavored

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