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Heart assistance

Forever NutraQ10 is a special blend that supplies the heart and blood vessels with three types of essential nutrients. It keeps blood homocysteine levels normal, supplies the body with tissue enzyme Q10 and antioxidants. Working together, these ingredients improve the condition of the cardiovascular system. Tissue enzyme Q10 is produced by the body itself. It is necessary for the functioning of the cardiovascular system. Tissue enzyme Q10 decreases with age. But then this is what we need most. In addition, NutraQ10 helps our heart and blood vessels maintain the right level of homocysteine in the blood - B vitamins (vitamins B6 and B12, folic acid) keep the amount of homocysteine at a low level for the whole body. It keeps the heart and blood vessels healthy. Nutra Q10 also contains natural plant extracts (grape seed, turmeric, incense and olive leaf), which have been shown to have beneficial effects on the heart and blood vessels. In addition, we have added minerals such as magnesium and chromium (improve heart function), lecithin ("lubricates" blood vessels and mobilizes fats) and effective antioxidants vitamin C and E. Take advantage of these unique properties of Nutra Q10 and mix it in a glass of aloe juice to yield the beneficial substances of aloe. This is a great help to your heart!

ONE PORTION is 1 pack

There are 30 packs in one box

RECOMMENDED QUANTITY: one pack per day. Dissolve the contents of the pack in 100ml of water or juice and drink.

QUANTITY: 30 packs

Product code: 312

Forever Nutra Q10

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