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Mineral complex

Nature-Min is an excellent, perfectly balanced source of micro and macro elements. These minerals are produced from seabed sediments formed by calcareous marine fauna and flora. Seabed sediment minerals are a very good source of trace elements. Minerals make up as much as 4% of our body. The human body is not able to produce minerals, so we need to get the necessary amount of minerals from food. Nature.Min supplies the body with micro and macro elements in balanced proportions, which is very important for their uptake. Minerals play an extremely important role in the human body, from regulating fluid balance to activating genes and hormones. Minerals are needed for almost all body functions. Minerals are needed for cellular metabolism, the functioning of the nervous system, the normal functioning of the endocrine glands, fluid circulation, blood cell production, bone and tooth formation and growth, hormone function, and many other vital processes in the human body. The use of Forever Nature-Min provides the body with all the macro- and microelements necessary for a healthy and balanced life. The tablets are made from natural ingredients, which makes them easy for the body to absorb.

COMPOSITION: Natural mineral sediments in seawater, croscarmellose sodium, stearic acid.
Amount in one table: Calcium 167 mg, Iron 3 mg, Phosphorus 111 mg, Iodine 25 mcg, Magnesium 67 mg, Zinc 2.5 mg, Selenium 6 mcg, Copper 330 mcg, Manganese 1 mg, Molybdenum 6 mcg, Vanadium 6mcg.

RECOMMENDED CONSUMPTION: 2-6 tablets per day as a dietary supplement.

QUANTITY: 180 tablets

Product code: 37


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